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Winner_MIP.jpgDeco-Con Estimator from Depiction Software was the Winner of the Most Innovative Products Competition for the World of Concrete 2005, The Year It Was Introduced.  And It Continues To Be Innovative!! 


DEMO MOVIE for Decorative Concrete EstimatorConcrete_overlay_ESTIMATOR.gif

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NEW Deco-Con Estimating Software V2.0 Highlights:


Easily Create and Calculate:


·       Estimates for your customer in seconds

·       Custom Contracts automatically

·       Purchase Orders for your vendors

·       Materials Lists for your crews

·       New Software Features include - Synchronize your materials and estimates to multiple computers – your desktop, laptop, and other associate’s computers and Save, Print, Fax or E-mail your professional looking estimates.


When you need to close a decorative concrete sale, a crucial factor is time--take too long and your prospective customer will go with your competition. At Depiction Software, we've created affordable, easy-to-use decorative concrete estimating software that does the number-crunching for you, simply, and on-site.


The Deco-Con Estimator is one of the most powerful sales tools you can have in your corner.



An Award-Winning Estimator Designed Just for You
At Depiction Software, we know the importance of generating accurate decorative concrete estimates quickly, which is why we designed the Deco-Con Estimator. This one-of-a-kind estimator went on to win the Most Innovative Products competition at 2005's World of Concrete Expo. The Deco-Con Estimator has the power to change the entire way you make a sale.WOC-MIP-award-smal.jpg


The all-inclusive Deco-Con Estimator comes with a list of all the decorative concrete products you use, and can be easily updated to include others. You create your formulas and the estimator takes care of the rest. Print an estimate right from your laptop on your initial visit, print out a purchase order for materials--even one that includes multiple jobs--and print out a contract for your prospect that includes their contact information, pricing, and services to be rendered.


Your time is too valuable to spend it looking up prices and calculating estimates; take care of this headache in a matter of minutes and boost the likelihood that your potential customer becomes an contracted one. The Deco-Con Estimator will shave hours of work from your day and will close more sales than you might have thought possible. Contact us today and let us show you how affordable it is to make your business soar.


Software offers an all inclusive decorative concrete materials estimator. In addition, to printing out an estimate for a customer, the estimator can print out a purchase order for materials and generate a contract.  Contractor’s have the ability to create and calculate custom formulas.


Then Once the sale is closed the contractor can instantly create a custom contract that includes the customers contact information, pricing, and services to be preformed. estimator.jpg


Lastly, a purchase order can be printed out that includes all of the materials needed to complete the job. The estimator offers that ability to print a purchase order that includes multiple jobs in order for them to take advantage of quantity discounts and better shipping rates. 


The estimator saves time and money by eliminating the problem of not ordering enough or too much concrete. And, saves time by cutting down on tedious paperwork and assuring.





There are two versions of the estimator. The first version (manufacturer version) comes with all of your product and formulations included. It does not allow a contractor to add your competitor’s products. This version is perfect when your have captive dealers that you require to use only your proConcrete_overlay_ESTIMATOR.gifducts.


The second version (contractor version) can come with your products included and gives the contractor the ability to add additional products and create his or her own formulations.





Click here to watch a Demonstration Movie




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If you would like to try out our software, you may purchase the full version of the Deco-Con Estimating Software.


We are so sure you will find the software easy-to-use – and effective -- we are offering a money back guarantee.  Use the software and close a few jobs within the first 30-days.  You’ll find it will pay for itself with the extra jobs you sell.


Call us at 818-707-4451 for pricing information and to place your order, or fill out our “Contact Us” web form we will call you back.


(FedEx shipping costs, both domestic and international, will apply.)



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